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One year ago RIGHT NOW, this was me. Dear gods.  New Year’s Eve day was my last doc appointment before going into scheduled induced delivery on January 7th.  It didn’t go exactly as planned, but what does right?  We got our perfectly healthy babies out and here we are one year later. I simply cannot... Read more »

Your Death Montage - What is Your Greatness?

It’s the New Year, so of course the Death Montages have begun, where we visit the lives of those who’ve passed in the last year as we celebrate their contributions to our world. What would yours say?  What would your contribution to the world be? Did you leave your mark or are you waiting for... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar, with Augusten Burroughs

Excuse me.  Yes, I’m terribly sorry to interrupt you and your sparkling water drinking at this bar that I know you loathe because, well, we don’t imbibe anymore and this kind of thing is a big fat bore, but I need you to know a few things so you’ll just have to indulge me.  It’s ok,... Read more »

A Family Lives Here

We are not unlike the multitudes of families out there who enjoyed a Saturday in the snow and perhaps got a bit too excited at the prospect of babies touching feeling tasting snow for the very first time ever.  You see, when the world has told you no too often to count, and you keep saying YES, you celebrate... Read more »

What One-Year-Old Twins Want from Santa

Inspired by this fantastical post right here, I decided we needed a What One-Year-Old Twins Want from Santa post.   Dear Santa, We know that you are very busy, but since you were so kind to us when we met you just last week , we have worked non-stop to compile a list as you requested.  You don’t... Read more »

Our First Santa Visit

We burst in from the cold and happened upon the most magical Neiman Marcus in all the land. The Sales Ladies “coo-ed” and the Security Guards “awww-ed”. We took it all in from tip to toe as overhead trumpeted a tune we all know. We hurried to meet our dear friends and to form a... Read more »

But Does Santa Believe in You?

After receiving an email last night from a reader who was getting flack on her page for posting pictures of her Elf on the Shelf – she expressed how for her kids, belief in magical occurrences was wondrous and she couldn’t understand why people would knock that on her page and hadn’t I written about belief before... Read more »

All I Want for Christmas is to Stop Crying All the Damn Time

It’s been a wild ride, this past year.  As I think back to a year ago when I was filled to the brim with babies, not yet knowing who they were or what they would look like or HOW THE HELL WERE THEY GOING TO GET OUT OF THERE ANYWAY?  I was at my wit’s end with discomfort... Read more »