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Holiday Stress is Stressful

It’s here, people!  Look alive, now.  It’s the Schmolidays stress in full effect!  For me, it has nothing to do with gifts, as we aren’t even really doing gifts this year, for anyone.  One good thing about being broke with twins is no stress about gifts.  People understand.  For me, it’s all about stress with... Read more »

A Boy on the Verge

He is deliciously close.  So close we can all taste it as if we are sucking on hard candy that’s almost gone, that sharp, tiny little sliver that’s left in your mouth, sticky while coating your tongue as you suck furiously even after you’ve begun your decent into wishing it hadn’t dissolved so quickly and... Read more »

What the Heck are Those 10 Month Old Babies Eating?

I spend a lot of my time prepping and making these 10 month old twins of mine foods.  All the foods! Sundays and weeknights are for making sure they have everything ready to go for day and week ahead.  They are eating us out of house and home already and that’s a great thing.  They... Read more »

The Most Difficult Moment for a Working Mom

“Is it difficult getting out the door every morning with twins?”  After someone asked me this today for the umpteenth time, I thought, well, I guess it kind of is, but not in the way they are probably asking about.  Physically, it’s not hard as once you kind of have a routine going, changes happen,... Read more »

The Power of No

Something miraculous has happened.  At least it’s miraculous to me.  My little girl has learned to shake her head “no” with intention behind it.  Now, I know, I know, soon I will rue the day when I was excited that she can express “no”, but for now, I’m filled with wonder and awe about her... Read more »

A How To Guide on Being Happy

People ask me all the time how I’m so happy.  Or they say, YOU’RE SO GD HAPPY ALL THE TIME HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  It’s not mysterious or elusive.  It’s not something you need to pay a ton of money for or go to seminars or even read self help books to attain.   ... Read more »

5 Reasons to Fully Embrace the Holidays This Year

It would be easy to snarl and say, “Hey!  It’s November 3rd and Schmolidays stuff is up already?” as I have done every other year.  But not this year.  This year is altogether different.  Because this year, we have babies! Here are 5 reasons I’ve decided that this year, there will be so much damn... Read more »