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Reaching for Help

HELP ME. Two of the hardest words we ever have to say to anyone and yet so desperately need to say.  It rips at your soul and it tears at your pride. I can’t do this alone.  I can’t do this sobriety thing by myself.  When I was at my darkest, I reached out and... Read more »

5 Reasons Single Parents Are Better Than Me

I am not a single parent.  If I play my cards right, hopefully I won’t ever have to be.  But I am for a few days as my dear sweet dumpster husband is off in Vegas burning through our whole $5 worth of savings for his annual boy’s weekend.  I’m so happy he gets to do... Read more »

Social Anxiety Can Bite Me

I’m not the coolest chick on the block.  Big shocker I know.  I am not “in the know” about many things.  I never have been.  I’m not the most quick witted responder to posts on facebook or twitter or more importantly at a party – but make no mistake – I do have my moments. ... Read more »

We Need to Stop Apologizing

I apologize.  A lot.  Too damn much.  It’s burned so deeply and fundamentally into my being that it comes out involuntarily, even when I bump into an inanimate object,  I say I’m sorry.  “Sorry doorway that I walked into because I am so clumsy, I hope that won’t leave a mark.”  WHAT IS THAT?  “sorry sorry... Read more »

The Very Best Things about 9 Month Olds

These twins are 9 months old! Can you believe that?  They’ve officially been out longer than they were in and it’s mind blowing how much they grow every week, hell, every day.    This table is CONTROL CENTER.   They are doing all the things!  Here are the very best things about 9 month olds: Standing... Read more »

Hoping for Just One More Day Sober

Well here we are.  12 years sober today and sometimes feeling exactly as unsure and scared as I did That First Year. I’m going to pause here and STRONGLY recommend reading that last link right there.  It tells the story of what happened when I first got sober that so many of you ask me... Read more »

A Perfectly Average Fantastical Day

  It was a beautiful Chicago day.  The kind people talk about when they live here and know are few and far between as we live through a long cold dreary winter.  The blue sky was bright with just a sprinkling of clouds and the air was crisp.  The kind of crisp where you wear a sweatshirt,... Read more »