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Listen Up 20 Year Old Me

I am now 40 years old and I’d like to go back and say a few things to 20 year old me. Things like, really?  Still trying to make shoulder pads work to your advantage?  Those huge hair bows in your hair that you think are cute?  They’re really not, but I like your spunk,... Read more »

10 Reasons Why Old People are Awesome

I LOVE OLD PEOPLE.  Here’s why: I get to talk really loudly around them and they don’t give a rip.  In fact, they kind of enjoy not having to strain to hear me.  I am a loud talker anyway and this benefits both of us. Old people have lived through the shit, man.  They have... Read more »

The Monotony of Motherhood

After waking a few times to deal with a crying baby or a ghost Tickle Me Elmo who creepily started giggling even though no one and nothing was touching him, it is morning and it is time to get up.  Dear Sweet Dumpster Husband and I were in bed this morning when the alarm went off... Read more »

10 Reasons I'm Grateful for Twins

Whenever I see an article about twins, I read it because I think, HEY THAT IS ABOUT US!  What I find though, is a lot of negativity and fear mongering. And that is NOT about us.  Similar to the books that are out there about having twins, it seems people like to scare the crap... Read more »

Do Not Kill Yourself

This week – this day –  is loaded. For so many, it’s remembering what happened in our country on September 11, 2001. Someone asked me recently where I was on that day. I always gulp when the subject comes up because the truth is, I don’t remember a lot of it.  I thought it was... Read more »

That is the Dumbest Thing I've Seen All Day

Sometimes I think I might just be too stupid to live.  But there I go “thinking” again.  I am a bright woman.  I have had experiences and boy, have I learned from them.  I went to college.  I even GRADUATED college.  With a theatre degree, but still.  I graduated.  Not that school means you’re smart,... Read more »

I am No Wonder Woman

I am only one tiny woman for cripes sake.  And while I certainly do a lot, I am no Wonder Woman.  This notion of doing it all and being a super hero is not necessarily doing us any favors.  I’m already stretched way too thin (if only that would translate to my stomach) and that... Read more »