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40 is The New Black

Every year on my birthday my little mama calls me and says with a shaky yet happy voice, “(however many years ago – this year it’s 40 years ago) right now it was just you and me kiddo.”   It’s more profound this year than any other year as I have my own babies to help me reflect on... Read more »

When the Drinking Doesn’t Stop

Today I am honored to share a piece from a guest blogger and colleague over at Chicago Now.  Kathy is a talented writer, quilter and survivor of an alcoholic relationship.  She’s got a terrific life today but it wasn’t always so bright.  I’m so glad she wrote about all this as I know so many of you out there... Read more »

Nostalgia Tastes Delicious

I’m not a baker.  I’m not a cooker.  I’m not really a kitchen-type person.  Right now it’s bottle washing central in there.  However, it was my dad’s birthday last week and due to my parents traveling all over to visit their kids and grandkids, he didn’t really get a homemade birthday cake.  And he was... Read more »

If Life Were Fair, I Would Be Dead

Happiness is not our right. We don’t have the right to happiness. Stop believing that. Just stop it. We have to work at happiness. It doesn’t just happen. I’m so damn tired of entitlement and people thinking they are owed something by life just by existing. Do some damn work, already. People mope around and act all... Read more »

The Guilt of Twins

Next to sobriety and tricking my husband into marrying me, having twins is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.  But there is something associated with having twins that I know other moms feel too.  That ugly bastard named GUILT. It started out innocently enough.  After people put the fear of god into us... Read more »

I Actually Really Like and Respect My Husband

I know this is a risky thing to say.  I actually really like my husband.  What’s even riskier it seems, is that I respect him. An awesome lady named Becky made me some magnets when I first started my blog.  How cute are these? There seems to be this thing happening where women just rip... Read more »

Is Kindness a Weakness?

There’s such a part of me that still wants to be a cool kid. I’ve always been too excited and tried a little too hard. It makes people uncomfortable.  I’m a tad awkward.  I am almost 40 and this still is an issue for me. Is kindness a weakness? Snark gets old. It’s easy. It’s... Read more »

It Takes a GD Village

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it takes a village” when it comes to raising kids.  I would like to take it one step further and say it take a GD village.  Just to emphasize how important and fundamental good people around you are when raising your kids.   For someone like me who finds it EXTREMELY hard to... Read more »