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You Haven't Heard the Whole Story

It’s got everything!  The traumatic fall of a good girl to homeless drunk and then her dramatic comeback that includes sobriety, infertility and then two babies with the love of her life, it’s full of heartbreak and redemption and hope.  Sounds like a Lifetime movie, no?  YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE WHOLE STORY.  I’ve had people ask... Read more »

Do You Really Need to Eat That? Changing the Negative Self Talk

I grew up with a mom who is THIN.  I mean, she has always been thin, always will be thin.  She gained less than 20 pounds with both of her pregnancies and I’m sure lost the weight about a month after giving birth.  She is a powerhouse with yoga and walking and eating healthy and... Read more »

You Should Probably Ask Someone Who Has Kids

I’ve noticed something lately.  People ask me things.  About babies.  What I think about certain things.  They relate with me about things that I still don’t quite believe are happening in my life. My gut responses are as follows: “Why are you asking ME?”  “I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies!” “Why don’t you ask someone... Read more »

The Sweetest Exhaustion

I just returned to the office after sitting around a table filled with dead people.  About 50 or so dead people all laughing and a couple crying – usually me – just grateful to be alive due to sobriety.  You get a brand new appreciation for how bad it was when you hear someone talk who’s got... Read more »

Addicts Will Always Die

There are few things in life that you can count on for sure.  You can’t really count on your family and friends.  Just as addicts will always die, humans will always fail you.  Everyone does.  Plus they can’t read your mind and your inner most feelings and no matter how much you are connected with someone, if... Read more »

Screw You Candy Crush

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  Like I haven’t done that enough, I do it every single day with all 18 of my other addictions.  Well, dammit, I am there.  I ADMIT I AM ADDICTED.  To this motherloving Candy Crush Saga nonsense! I don’t know who to credit for this photo as... Read more »

Life Lessons from Six Month Olds

These babies have been around long enough to go from wearing big thick snowsuits to going out in swimsuits and bare feet.  The seasons have changed and along with those changes have come some lessons from my babies for this once highly insecure mom.  Are you ready for the Life Lessons from Six Month Olds? It’s easy to... Read more »

What Femininity Means to Me Today

So, right before I pump, you know, when I’m at my moment of explosion,  I like to strut around and act like Joanie Holloway-Harris because that’s the closest my décolletage and profile will ever be to hers.  Now, if only I could smoke and drink in moderation to make it really fantastical…..a girl can dream, right?  Moderation?  AS IF.   Photo courtesy of the... Read more »