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The Ultimate List of Best Solid Foods for 6 Month Olds

Milk was easy.  Well, in the hospital when they were first born and I cried every time they latched, it wasn’t easy, but after the first week or so, you fall into a groove and you know when they’re hungry they get one thing.  M I L K.  There’s no guesswork.  I don’t like having... Read more »

Have You Ever Seen a Baby Wearing a Cute Little Helmet and Wondered Why?

Have you ever seen a baby wearing a cute little helmet and wondered why?  So you’re out walking around and you come upon a cutey cute little baby and they have a helmet like thing on their head and you’re all, “Hey!  I wonder what the deal is with that cutey cute little baby?” I... Read more »

Diary of a Mom's First Day Back at Work

It’s here.  This is the Diary of a Mom’s First Day Back at Work.   Dear Diary, I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night.  I woke up early Monday morning and hoped the babies were up because I really wanted to feed and snuggle before leaving this first day.  Yay, they were stirring.  I didn’t even have to “accidentally”... Read more »

The Most Selfish Mommy in All the Land

I have a rational side.  I think.  But it hasn’t been showing itself very often lately.  Lately I feel like the most selfish mommy in all the land. The side that is showing itself is this highly protective version of myself that I don’t recognize. Now, all you moms are saying, “duh, you’re a mom... Read more »

So You Think You Might Be an Alcoholic - Now What?

I cannot tell you how many emails I get that say something like, “I have to stop drinking, my whole life is collapsing around me, my family is giving up on me, what do I do?  How did you do it?” And I respond to every single one of these emails individually.  I don’t have... Read more »

Today's Gratitude List in the Midst of Chaos and Panic and Fear

Just sitting here eating some freshly made roasted kale chips (who the hell do I think I am?) and I’m in the middle of chaos and panic and fear.  OH MY!  Along with my old friend, gratitude.  I’ve told you 748 times that I’m going back to work on the 17th of June.  And that... Read more »

Attempting to Love This Post-Pregnancy Body

I’ve got problems lately with how I look.  I am not at my best yet far from my worst.  I worked hard to get in the best shape and health of my life before I started in-vitro and getting pregnant.  Now, I’m attempting to love this post-pregnancy body.  And it’s ROUGH. I was talking with... Read more »