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There's Never Been Anything So Traumatic as Felicity's Haircut

That would be a great band name. Felicity’s Haircut.  Let me write that down.  I am re-watching Felicity on Netflix right now while feeding and pumping and folding laundry and such because it’s good background and I don’t have to pay absolute attention as I can’t really do that with any show right now –... Read more »

Babies Grow Too Darn Fast

I’m having a hard time letting go.  Hall & Oates are 15 weeks old today and just now out of newborn clothes.  Well, the girl is just now out of newborn clothes and the boy has been out for about 3 weeks now.  He’s the big brother – by 2 minutes.   So,  I’m folding... Read more »

Baby Nonsense - Best of Lists

I am an expert at nothing but nonsense, but I’ve found a few things to be ridiculously helpful while in these first few months.  I’ve been keeping a note on my iPhone called “Best Baby Shit” just for you!  And while BEST BABY SHIT may mean a triumph of baby bodily functions to some, for... Read more »

Alcoholism: The Only Disease That Tells Me That I Don’t Have a Disease

It would be easy to think that I had this alcoholism thing licked.  I mean, look at me. I’ve got two beautiful baby twins, a husband who adores me (HE ADORES ME, DAMMIT) a great job, my relationships have healed in profound ways or gone by the wayside….it other words, the dust has settled (with... Read more »

The Parent Trap

See those giant smiles up there?  My parents and my babies.  There was a time I NEVER thought I would see that picture.  I never could have IMAGINED that picture of joy in my lifetime. My parents were in town this weekend from Arizona where they now live.  It’s harder and harder to watch them... Read more »

Hello Willis Tower My Old Friend, I've Come to Dance with You Again

I work in that really big tall building in Chicago.   I am a big shot  and I work for an even bigger shot .  I love my job. The babies and I went into the office for the obligatory visit after having babies. I love to see the babies when other people bring theirs in... Read more »

A Day in the Life of Baby Twins

BOOM.  The girl opens her eyes.  IT HAS STARTED.  After a night of only waking up mommy and daddy once, the babies wake up for the day.  They both sleep like champions at night.  From about 10pm to 3am and then until about 6 or 7am.  See?  Got Damn Champions.  Anyway, the girl opens her... Read more »