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Trump's Militias are the Brown Shirts of Tomorrow

We watched with dismay as we heard about the militias gathering in Kenosha to allegedly protect lives and property. No one denounced them until the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin did so. The Sheriff of Kenosha County skirted around the issue by saying words to the effect that they were not invited. Trump is... Read more »

An Open Letter to Chicago Aldermanic Candidates

Dear Candidates, There are 212 candidates running for alderman in Chicago’s 50 wards.  Some of you have money for campaigning and some are just in it for the experience.  I wish you all well.  But there is something that you should all carefully consider before you go to bed at night with visions of pinky... Read more »

An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

Dear Speaker Pelosi, If you really want to stop the government shut down, all you have to do is send Mr. Trump a note and say “President Trump, if the shutdown is not remedied by 5:00pm tomorrow, by the authority vested in my office, we will establish a committee “On the Impeachment of Donald J.... Read more »

The Supreme Court is not a Court

Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Court and the shenanigans leading up to that appointment should clarify what many have thought for years–that the Court is not a judicial body but is actually a super legislature comprised of nine individuals who have extraordinary power over our lives and culture. Elections do count and Hilary Clinton’s loss,... Read more »

Should A Potential Appointee to the US Supreme Court Allow Potential Litigants to purchase tv commercials on his behalf?

Brett Kavanaugh, the current nominee for a seat on the US Supreme Court, has been the beneficiary of TV commercials. The TV commercials have been paid for by the Judicial Crisis Network which is described as an American conservative political campaign organization based in the United States.  As of 2014 it was run by Carrie... Read more »

An Open Letter to Mr. Bezos

Dear Mr. Bezos: This open letter is to make you and your staff aware of the state of the problems you will encounter in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois as you consider possibilities for your new headquarters operation.  First of all, the state, city, and county are virtually bankrupt.  The city has been liquidating major assets... Read more »

John Kass Endorsement of Dan Lipinski

John Kass, in effect, endorsed Congressman Dan Lipinski (3d Congressional District) over his opponent Marie Newman. The endorsement was based on Mr. Lipinski’s pro life stance.  See Chicago Tribune of March 9, 2018. Shame on you–Kass. If ever there was a horrendous example of the “Chicago Way” that Kass rants and raves about, it is... Read more »

Comment on The Chicago Tribune Article on "Lenders who prey on vets cost us all"

This article in the February 18, 2018 issue of the Chicago Tribune outlined alleged fraud against certain lenders of real estate loans to veterans. The article, by Kenneth Harney, was excellent in outlining the problems faced by veterans when seeking a home loan.  Kenneth asserts that 12,000 to 20,000 vets are affected by the alleged... Read more »

Should Money Be Able to Purchase Political Office?

Our Illinois gubernatorial race is turning into a money fest. In the last election, Bruce Rauner, the current nincompoop, spent approximately $65.3M on his race.  And it has just been announced that Ken Griffin, the Citadel hedge fund CEO, has just given Rauner’s campaign fund $20M. Now, it looks like the Democrats are going to... Read more »

Did Jill Stein ruin it for HRC?

If we examine the vote totals in three key states, we can see that HRC lost to Trump by a total electoral vote of 74 votes. The breakdown is as follows: Michigan Trump           2,268,839 Clinton           2,279,543 Stein                   51,463   Wisconsin Trump         1,403,694 Clinton        1,380,823 Stein               30,934   Pennsylvania Trump          2,912,000 Clinton         2,844,705 Stein                 46,912 So, roughly 80.000 votes... Read more »