Trump's Militias are the Brown Shirts of Tomorrow

We watched with dismay as we heard about the militias gathering in Kenosha to allegedly protect lives and property. No one denounced them until the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin did so. The Sheriff of Kenosha County skirted around the issue by saying words to the effect that they were not invited.

Trump is encouraging these groups by his statements with regard to the activities in Charlotte and by letting the husband and wife team who brandished guns at protesters participate in the RNC.

As the old saw goes, “Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.” The Nazi Party began as Brown Shirts, a vigilante group, who first pushed people around and then after the Nazi Party seized power, started to perpetuate violence and unspeakable wrongs.

By encouraging the militia groups, Kenosha local law enforcement was responsible for two deaths and one wounding.  In addition, the young man who allegedly did the shootings is going to have his life ruined even if he is not convicted.

Now, we have an alleged conspiracy by a militia group to kidnap and harm two state governors.  Again, Trump was the enabler, tweeting to his minions to “liberate Michigan.”

Wisconsin’s and Michigan’s open carry laws and the encouragement of “unofficial militias” should be taken care of in order to prevent further horrors like these from taking place.

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  • Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the Brown Shirts of today, rampaging, looting, shooting, and burning cities, literally forcing people to their knees to acknowledge their truths. They show up armed at protests with guns and bats and commercial-grade fireworks and knives and frozen water bottles. Have you not seen them? Do you not care? Is their brand of fascism okay to you? Their allegiance is to the Democrat Party. Biden has not denounced them. Pelosi has not denounced them. Nor Schumer or Harris. Nor you.

  • Richard, BLM has held peaceful protests. The criminal acts you cite have been done by outliers, some instigated by White Nationalists, like Boogaloo.

    Antifa is not an organized group per se; it is a group loosely joined by philosophy. There is no proof---unless you have it---that Antifa is responsible for any criminal behavior you reference.

    It is telling that you are not outraged by the White Nationistists plotted to kill the governor of Michigan. Do you except them from your indignation?

    It is

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    They're all nuts, left and right extremists.

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