An Open Letter to Mr. Bezos

Dear Mr. Bezos:

This open letter is to make you and your staff aware of the state of the problems you will encounter in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois as you consider possibilities for your new headquarters operation.  First of all, the state, city, and county are virtually bankrupt.  The city has been liquidating major assets for many years.  It has sold off its SkyWay and its parking system.  There is talk that it may liquidate either one or both of its major airports.

As a practicing lawyer for 50 plus years, it is common  for struggling companies or other entities to sell off major assets prior to bankruptcy.

The Pension liability of the City of Chicago is $28 Billion.  The pension liability of Cook County is $15.3 Billion.  The Pension liability of the State of Illinois is $250 Billion.  To say that this City, County, and State are fiscally unhealthy is an understatement!

Secondly, you will be urged to locate your second headquarters in Chicago.  You will be given millions of dollars in incentives by the State, County, and City.    The powers that be will want you to locate the headquarters on the south, west, or near north areas of the City.  Unfortunately, Chicago is a cesspool of crime.  In illustration, during the weekend of August 3-5, 2018, there were 62 shootings and 12 homicides in Chicago.

Why put your employees at such a horrible risk?  Any man, woman, or child who goes out of their home alone after sundown in Chicago is an idiot.  All the incentives in the world are not worth one murder or rape of an innocent employee.  We only go to Chicago if I have to on business.

We are sure you will choose wisely and that it will not be Chicago.


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  • Well said.
    It won't be Chicago.

    It was never going to be Chicago.

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