Did Jill Stein ruin it for HRC?

If we examine the vote totals in three key states, we can see that HRC lost to Trump by a total electoral vote of 74 votes.
The breakdown is as follows:


Trump           2,268,839
Clinton           2,279,543
Stein                   51,463



Trump         1,403,694
Clinton        1,380,823
Stein               30,934



Trump          2,912,000
Clinton         2,844,705
Stein                 46,912

So, roughly 80.000 votes made the difference between victory and defeat for Hillary v. Trump. Had Stein’s votes gone to Hillary in Michigan, she would have won that state. The same is true of Wisconsin. If Stein’s 30,934 votes had gone to Hillary, she would have won that state. In Pennsylvania, had Stein’s votes gone to Hillary, HRC still would have lost to Trump by 18,383 votes.

Had Hillary won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, she would have ended up with 268 electoral votes to Trump’s 260 electoral votes.
Of that 80,000 vote margin in favor of Trump, Stein received 82,397 in Michigan and Wisconsin. Thus, for her own ego and satisfaction, she played a role (not the decisive role) in Hillary’s defeat and enabled a long shot like Trump to win the presidency. She was this election’s Ralph Nader, spoiling it for the Democrat and handing it over to a Republican. Like Bush v. Gore, this election was lost by the winner of the popular vote.

This may be the reason she made a feeble attempt to carry on her fight for recounts in those states. Maybe, she felt guilty for what she has caused. She will go down in history in a select group of spoilers such as Ralph Nader.

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  • You've got it all wrong.
    In the final pre-election polls, Clinton's unfavorable rating was 10% higher than Stein's. Had Clinton stepped aside before the vote, Stein evidently would have polled 10% better than Clinton, thereby winning the election.
    That's what happens when you rely on just shaky numbers to draw conclusions. Shaky, as in the validity of the vote tallies in the three states in question. Only Stein had the chutzpah to challenge those results and raise the bribe-money of the three secretaries-of-state to sort-of recount.
    Stein had every reason to run for President as many before her have in multi-candidate elections. It's in the Constitution...One could just as readily say that if all of Johnson's votes gone to Trump, he would have won by a landslide.
    Truth is, Greens are not alienated Dems any more than Libertarians are disaffected Repubs.
    You're just crying over spilled milk. The Democrats chose to lose by screwing Bernie out of the nomination and November victory that he earned and deserved. Hillary is toast, currently polling as the would-a candidate of just 9% of American voters.

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