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Requiem for a Fishing Buddy

Captain Rich Lobojko This week, I lost my fishing buddy. Lake Wisconsin lost a man whose very presence will surely be missed by the natural order itself when early spring buds blossom and autumn’s palette is sprinkled over the woods and sky and he is not there. So many friends and loved ones lost a... Read more »

First Moon Meal? A Hot Dog

As we celebrate Moonwalk Day on July 20, when Neil Armstrong made that famous first footprint on the dust of the moon’s surface 53 years ago, it might be nice to remember the first meal that he and Buzz Aldrin enjoyed when they got back from doing that famous moonwalk that would put Michael Jackson... Read more »

A Hot Dog’s Journey to the Sun

We have lift-off. While watching Joey Chestnut slobber and drool and masticate his way to another Mustard Belt in the great Coney Island Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, pounding down 63 damp and unappealing dogs, a singular question struck me. How many grilled and lovely hot dogs will Americans gobble down on this... Read more »

Lose Weight With Designer Hot Dog Water

If you clicked on this blog purely based on the title without knowing what a deluxe smart aleck I am, you have my abject apologies. But then again, if you are a green kale shake-drinking individual hell bent on doing unspeakable things (like drinking kale shakes) for a chance to lose a few pounds, drinking... Read more »

Gordon Ramsay Pours Ketchup on Hot Dog, Calls it “Good”

The guy must have a giant pair of bollocks, I have to say. For Gordon Ramsay to come into Chicago, open a burger and hot dog place, and brag about dumping ketchup on his signature dog, either takes a lot of guts or is the kind of in-your-face Chicago style challenge better suited to Bobby... Read more »

Must We Judge Everything?

This morning, I saw three well-meaning people create the most beautiful Christmas cookies I have ever seen. The icing looked like polished mirrors, the lattice work on the gingerbread would have made journeymen carpenters proud, and the whimsical expressions on elfin faces could almost bring a tear to your eye in their earnest, aim-to-please cuteness.... Read more »

Guest Blogger Takes On Hot Dog Challenge

Someone with greater fortitude than I currently possess has graciously decided to take on a challenge on my behalf – that of a reporter and update provider on how the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Challenge now underway is impacting her. Her name is Stephanie Esposito, Media League Bowling Team Captain Extraordinaire, rugby expert, and all-around... Read more »

Are You Up for the Chicago Hot Dog Stand Challenge?

How many hot dog stands could you visit between now and October 17? Mark Reitman, Vienna Beef’sProfessor at Hot Dog University. Vienna Beef, purveyor of arguably the finest hot dogs in the world, has launched an extremely tempting Hot Dog Stand Challenge, and if I wore a younger man’s trousers and t-shirt (of a considerably... Read more »

Wrigley Field Hot Dogs: A Conspiracy Theory

Maybe all this hoopla about the Chicago Cubs trading off all their best players can be summed up in relation to Wrigley Field Hot Dogs. Management is attempting to go back to the good old days of “The Lovable Losers,” when the folks who came to the games cared more about hot dogs and beer... Read more »

Vincent Price, Hot Dog Lover

Vincent Price, Hot Dog Lover
Vincent Price, whose cultivated, lugubrious voice struck terror into mid-20th century American hearts and who would make Hannibal Lecter sound like a pedantic old English teacher who was not getting enough sex, enjoyed a well-turned hot dog. Especially at L.A Dodger Stadium. “No hot dog ever tastes as good as the ones at the ballpark,”... Read more »