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Wrigley Field Hot Dogs: A Conspiracy Theory

Maybe all this hoopla about the Chicago Cubs trading off all their best players can be summed up in relation to Wrigley Field Hot Dogs. Management is attempting to go back to the good old days of “The Lovable Losers,” when the folks who came to the games cared more about hot dogs and beer... Read more »

Vincent Price, Hot Dog Lover

Vincent Price, Hot Dog Lover
Vincent Price, whose cultivated, lugubrious voice struck terror into mid-20th century American hearts and who would make Hannibal Lecter sound like a pedantic old English teacher who was not getting enough sex, enjoyed a well-turned hot dog. Especially at L.A Dodger Stadium. “No hot dog ever tastes as good as the ones at the ballpark,”... Read more »

"What the F*** You Want?" Wieners Circle in the Age of Covid

When we talk about “snap” in a hot dog, we’re talking about that toothsome quality in a dog that bites back a little bit – the unyielding before succumbing to the bite. You don’t get it in a skinless wiener or in a cheap dog you buy in bulk. They are found in Chicago. Chicago... Read more »

Gobble Doggs: An Alternative Thanksgiving Turkey for a Weird Year

When Bob Dylan mournfully crooned about the Times A-Changin’ in 1964 he would have scarcely imagined that a mere 56 years later the “Times” would include a pandemic, a social and cultural revolution, and powerful hunger – which never did go away, come to think of it. Since family get-togethers around a 20-lb. turkey are... Read more »

Leafing? Go Off the Beaten Path to Michigan’s Skellville

For Fall leaf watchers coming to beautiful Michigan to marvel at the annual foliage show, there’s a stop you need to make – a stop that may remind you of things simple and basic, and yet profound and sublime. Watching leaves change color is simply witnessing the death of chlorophyll after all, and only King... Read more »

Hot Dog Sales Soaring – Packaged Dogs, Anyway

While Labor Day grills cool down around the nation on this Labor Day, and the last wrinkled and overcooked dogs are sliced up and mixed in with the dog chow, there is a surprising statistic to chew on. Sales of packaged hot dogs are up 17 percent this year over last year, and the demand... Read more »

Hot Dog University Bringing “Depression Dogs” Back

Last week, I blogged about the end of the world surely being upon us, since the Vienna Beef Factory and Store closed its doors. While the store and restaurant did indeed close at their current location, the Vienna Beef company is still very much around and so is Hot Dog Univeristy –  in fact, they... Read more »

End Days Near: Vienna Beef Factory Closes

As if we didn’t have enough evidence that End Days are here, what with the United States of America becoming a Third World country closed off from the rest of the world (albeit a “Great” Third World country), brothers fighting against brothers via sharp Facebook ripostes, potty-mouthed Karens abusing store clerks wholesale, and a nasty... Read more »

A Quiet Fourth, With Hot Doug

If you’re looking at the number of Covid-19 cases increasing daily (50,000 at latest count) and you’re pining away for your annual Fourth of July family get-together, I stumbled across something that might just help. Remember Hot Doug Sohn – the affable and amiable proprietor of Hot Doug’s in Chicago, with his wild boar and... Read more »

Hot Dog Eating Contest Carries On

The Fourth of July annual Festival of Gluttony at Coney Island known as the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is happening once again, virus be damned. At an undisclosed location. With five instead of fifteen participants. And no fans. I mentioned before in this space that professional sports contests without fans is, at best, a... Read more »