Help a Small Business, Not a Stupid Politician

hot-dogThe guy has been selling hot dogs out of a cart for thirty years.

People love him, and significantly, they love his hot dogs. But when the cold wind blows through Indy (and it’s going to start blowing harder) it’s no fun. The thing is, folks are still hungry in winter. They still crave a Garcia dog.

But Abacuc Garcia is feeling that cold wind a little more these days at his cart near 16th and Emerson. Still, rain or shine, he’s out there, a beneficent, generous, kindly presence, serving up some great fare.

He could fade from the Indy landscape, as so many vendors have in Chicago over the years. There was a guy near the park at Montrose and Lincoln that served a great dog out of a cart back in 1993. He’s long gone, but the memory of that salty, snappy dog remains, and those Vitner’s chips — Oh man!

A plan is afoot to get Garcia his dream — a food truck. He can stay warm in there and maybe add a few menu items.

Are you sick of politicians shilling for money? Want to make a real dream come true for an American who could use some magic dust right about now? Help Garcia get his food truck.



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