Craft Beer for the Homebrewer

Craft Beer for the Homebrewer
Craft Beer for the Homebrewer

Craft Beer for the Homebrewer by Michael Agnew, has to be one of the most well crafted brew books I own (no pun intended). Agnew, a beer writer and Certified Cicerone, has brought 38 recipes from 23 different breweries to life, profiling the style and brewery behind each. Epic, Surly, Lagunitas, Avery, The Bruery, Allagash, Rogue, Cigar City, Stone and many others have all contributed recipes to the pages.

Want to brew Surly’s Furious or Stone’s Levitation? How about Tallgrass’ Buffalo Sweat or The Bruery’s Rugbrod? With Craft Beer for the Homebrewer you get access to partial-mash and all-grain recipes for them all alongside beautiful shots of the finished product. While 38 recipes won’t keep you brewing forever, you will definitely have enough material to stay busy for quite some time. Plus, when you know you’ve got a great backbone to work with, it’s easy to personalize a beer by making a tweak here or there.

You can pick up your own copy for $24.99 here.


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