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Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House in Elmhurst

The Robert McCormick House in Elmhurst is one of only three single-family residences designed by Mies van der Rohe in the United States. Built in 1952, it’s celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, but not as a home. In 1994 it was taken apart and reassembled at Wilder Park in Elmhurst as part of the... Read more »

Are you right about that home's being a Wright?

Even veteran Oak Parkers are sometimes puzzled about whether a house they’re walking by was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Peter A. Beachy House is one of those puzzlers, according to the designslinger blog. Walk the two blocks of Forest Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois located just south of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first home... Read more »

Oak Park's South Marion Street may never look better

Gaze carefully at the above rendering of the streetscaping plans for South Marion Street in Oak Park. Given the history of this type of project, it’s likely that South Marion will never look better than it does in the rendering. The artistic narrowing of the street in the rendering, for one thing, enhances the pedestrian-friendly... Read more »