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You've eaten at his restaurants and now you can rent his home

Restaurateur and designer Jerry Kleiner offers up decorating tips in the above video, using his Carnivale restaurant and his home to illustrate his ideas. Kleiner’s triple-lot home in the River West neighborhood has been offered for sale for nearly 4 months at $2.9M and recently became available for rent at $16,000 per month. Coldwell Banker’s... Read more »

River West duplex going for $70,900 below 2007 sale price

Tucked away amidst the lofts and concrete condos of “Bergerville” (that pocket of River North immediately south of Chicago Avenue and west of Halsted Street where Mondial developer Jack Berger staked his claim) is a string of newish nine-unit brick buildings collectively marketed as Marquette Row. Marquette Row never reached closeout — Jameson agents still... Read more »

Developer ready to give Mondial another shot in a tough market

One of the many new-construction buildings that entered the Chicago skyline at the exact wrong time was Mondial, Jack Berger’s 15-story high-rise at 900 W Huron St in River West. Mondial reached completion in early 2009, a true low point for real estate activity throughout the city, when buyers who had signed contracts in the... Read more »

The perks of high-rise living: views of downtown Chicago from near and far

Some of the best days on the job at YoChicago and NewHomeNotebook are the ones where we get to scale the heights of a new-construction condo tower and get a glimpse of downtown Chicago from on high, and we’ve brought back a number of great photos and have stitched together several wide-angle panoramas of these... Read more »