Another round of cut-rate prices at 200 North Dearborn

200 N Dearborn St, ChicagoAccording to a recent article about 200 North Dearborn in the Chicago Tribune the development has begun a “final closeout sale.” Nicholas Gouletas, American Invsco’s chairman and CEO, touted “savings of up to $231,600 off the original pricing for cash purchases.”

Some examples of the current deals:

One-bedroom condos start at $222,552, reduced from the original price of $362,900.

Two-bedroom condos start at $251,591, down from the original price of $483,200.

“While there are only 15 remaining residences available, we still have a great mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom units as well as penthouse homes to choose from located on both high and low floors,” said sales manager Karen Howard.

American Invsco has been one of our clients, so we’re familiar with previous rounds of price cuts. Eighteen months ago a number of units were being offered at prices that appear more favorable than some of these “final closeout” prices.

Making exact comparisons, however, is difficult. Eight of the units currently being offered have been significantly upgraded, and the closeout units may be different from units offered in early rounds of price cuts.

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