Three (short) poems written on a cellphone

Poem 8-15-20

You spread your angel wings

Like an eagle’s

Across the night sky

And the stars shine and blink

But offer no way home

For you

And your armies

Of the desolate


Poem 8-15-20

In the place

Of laughter

In the place of sadness

Paris and Dresden

St. Louis and New York

The Atlantic Ocean

Touches you and it touches me

We get out and dry off

I’ll have a white wine


Poem 8-14-20

All my life I’ve been looking for this

Come with me now

Take my hand

And fly with me

To the questions

And the answers

And the thing

In between

And above


You are the night sky when the

colors explode

And the songs end on a chord

Of love


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