Mae West Lived in Hollywood's Ravenswood Apartments

“Ravenswood” is the Chicago neighborhood I’ve lived in since 2000. It’s on the north side, a couple of miles or so northwest of the Chicago Cub’s famous Wrigley Field, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary year this season.

Anyway, about a year ago, I thought of a title for a blog, “From Hollywood to Ravenswood,” to capture my interest in movies, and my ‘hood. Hey, I’d just been laid off from a job I had for almost 16 years. Maybe I was looking for something to do.

Anyway, I saw an ad for, I pitched them my idea, and one of the site’s managers, Jimmy Greenfield, was good enough to green-light the idea. So, my career as a fabulously well-paid, living-the-high-life blogger was begun.

Fast forward from last summer to about two weeks ago. I was prowling the Internet looking for investment opportunities for the millions I’ve made blogging when I just happened to put in my search bar the words “Hollywood” and “Ravenswood.” Guess what? There’s a luxury apartment

The Ravenswood, Los Angeles

The Ravenswood, Los Angeles

building in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, called The Ravenswood, where movie stars like Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, and Mae West lived. West, one of early film’s biggest stars and one of its most famous comediennes, lived for decades in Apartment 611 in the building, which is in LA at 570 N. Rossmore Ave. The building, considered now an Art-Deco masterpiece, was built in 1930 by Paramount Pictures.

Has anyone ever been to The Ravenswood in Los Angeles? I would love to hear about it, if you have. Even if you’ve just driven by it, or know the area, please leave a comment. (Even if you have nothing to say, just throw the nice blogger a ha’ penny for him to chew on, won’t you?)

Los Angeles is one of the those places I’ve never been to, but really want to go and explore. In 1993, my sister, Carol Cronin, and I went to the northern half or so of California: San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Culver, etc. The trip was amazing. One word to sum up this Midwestern boy’s amazement at California: color! The place is filled with yellows and reds and blues and all the colors of the rainbow, like a Paramount movie in technicolor … only better.

But we never made it to southern California on that trip. (Carol actually lived in Los Angeles once, but that’s another story.) So I’m fascinated by LA. I see myself getting a great car (a convertible?), driving out there, and becoming a famous screenwriter and actor. (I could still make beaucoup bucks as a blogger. I’d never give that up.)

My girlfriend Violetta Muzychenko and I have talked about making the trip out west to LA and the Grand Canyon next year, either in the spring or fall. Violetta’s never been to California, and is eager to see America’s most populous state. (When I went out there in 1993, I thought, Oh, this is why so many people live here.)

So … the next time anyone is in LA, check out The Ravenswood at 570 N. Rossmore Ave., and let your friends back at “From Hollywood to Ravenswood” know what it’s like. (Per some stories I was told by Mr. Internet, the building is haunted by the likes of Mae West! Hey … she wouldn’t be such a bad ghost to meet one night in your kitchen.)

And while you’re out in Hollywood, tell the studio big-wigs that I’ll be out there soon. And

Mae West

Mae West

tell Miss West I’ll come out and meet her sometime.

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