Here are some helpful resources for the beginning hockey player, including places that you can go skating, learn how to play hockey, practice your skills and purchase equipment.

Public Skate
Public skating sessions are usually 90 minutes and are a great way to work on your skating skills. Each of these rinks offer public skating sessions.

Stick & Helmet / Stick & Puck

Stick & Helmet sessions (sometimes called Stick & Puck) are like a public skate, but you are allowed to work on stickhandling and shooting. You are required to provide your own helmet, gloves, skates and stick. Some rinks do not provide pucks, so you should bring those too.

Adult Hockey Lessons

There are several rinks that offer hockey lessons to adults who have never played hockey, and have little skating experience. You will definitely want to take lessons before joining a beginner league.

Beginner Hockey Leagues

Some leagues are better than others for new hockey players. Below are appropriate leagues for beginning hockey players.

Hockey Pro Shops
Hockey specialty stores are great because they have a vast selection of equipment and knowledgeable staff that can make recommendations and ensure a proper fit.

Sporting Goods Stores

General sporting good stores will not have the same selection as hockey shops, and you are pretty much "on your own" when it comes to selecting and fitting equipment. But many times you can find great deals on hockey gear, so these shops are definitely worth a look.

USA Hockey
USA Hockey is the governing body of hockey in the United States. Many rinks will require you to be a member of USA Hockey if you want to take lessons or join a beginner league. One benefit of membership is that you receive supplemental insurance if you are injured.

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