Sharpening Up: Back to Class

Sharpening Up: Back to Class
Hockey class at the Skatium in Skokie [Photo by Shellie Lewis]

My 3 on 3 teamlet dissolved in 2015 so I returned to the novice classes at the Skatium in Skokie. I feel like going back to class after getting in some low level structured league play is helping me get more out of the class. When you first start skating, you are wobbling around trying not to fall. Then you get good enough to handle some league play and have experience to build on.

I have seen some beginner players go through classes, get good enough to get on a team but then stagnate. They seem to plateau and not improve. Part of this is due to the fact that beer league teams do not have coaches or trainers to help players improve. Your peers are novices like yourself, so there is usually no one available to help you with what to improve or tell you how to get better.

Coaches who teach have years of experience in observing flaws and instructing players. They not only know how you are doing something badly but also why; it’s a depth of knowledge in knowing the path beginners move along. Even if you are on a team, consider signing up for lessons again. If you are short on time, see if a class you were in previously in allows you to drop in for a class here and there without committing to the whole program.

Things I used to struggle with I feel I now know and this gives me a stronger base to build better skills. A new perspective is brought to class time having played in games. Drills seem less theoretical and more practical, you start feeling out more efficient ways to get around the ice and you have more confidence in making decision when there is a puck on your stick.

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