Two Years of Noobliness

Two Years of Noobliness
[Photo by Shellie Lewis]

If you told me two years ago that one day, I would play on a hockey team with teal jerseys and a video game character as our logo, I would have said that you were crazy.

Me? Play hockey? But I suck at sports and can barely skate.

Yet here we are, two years later. Back in 2013, after much procrastinating, I finally signed up for hockey lessons. So far, hockey has been a rewarding experience. Hockey has evolved from something I wanted to do for so long, to something I look forward to doing each week.

Here are some of the highlights in my now two-year old hockey odyssey:

  • I took hockey lessons a Johnny’s Ice House (Hockey 101 and Hockey 102), at Franklin Park Ice Arena and both novice and intermediate lessons at The Skatium in Skokie. Apparently, if you take enough lessons, you can teach an old dog some new tricks.
  • At the behest of a friend, I signed up to play in Franklin Park’s Original Six Hockey League. This was after only three months of lessons. Our team lost in the championship game, but overall it was a good time.
  • I played a season in the Chicago Outdoor Hockey League. It was cold outside, but I had a lot of fun.
  • I helped start the Heartland Novice Hockey League in Lincolnwood, which gave adult beginners a league to call their own.
  • I volunteered to be a team captain in the Heartland League and drafted a team that won our league’s inaugural championship.
  • My Heartland team, Blades of Steel, won a second championship in 2015, too.
  • I helped organize rat hockey games for D-Leaguers like myself, to give us all a chance to get better at hockey.
  • I lost weight and improved my fitness. My endurance is better and I put on some muscle from skating.
  • I made some new friends — my teammates as well as many of my opponents.

All of this was possible only because I was willing to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new, and I can’t be happier with the outcome.

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