Review: Sneaker Balls Hockey Puck Deodorizers ★★★★★

Review: Sneaker Balls Hockey Puck Deodorizers ★★★★★

These puck-shaped Sneaker Balls Deodorizers were an impulse buy — just a small item I threw in when I bought a practice-weight hockey jersey. So, I didn’t have high expectations, and certainly wasn’t planning on writing a review of such a peripheral item. However, I am so impressed with Sneaker Balls that I feel a review is in order. These will go a long way in helping your equipment not stink to high heaven.

Back in July 2013 — yes, two years ago! — I purchased a two-pack of Sneaker Balls and threw them in the bottom of my hockey bag. Two years later, they are still keeping my bag smelling nice.

Effectiveness – ★★★★★
Sneaker Balls will mask that “hockey smell” that we all know and tolerate. At first the scent is a bit overpowering; perhaps I didn’t need to put both of them in my hockey bag at the same time. But two years later, these little puckers are still working.

Scent – ★★★
According to the manufacturer, the scent of the puck-shaped Sneaker Balls is called “Fresh Scent.” I guess you could say they smell a bit like detergent, or unscented underarm deodorant. The ball-shaped Sneaker Balls have a “Power Mint” scent, but I have not used those — they aren’t shaped like pucks — so I can’t judge that scent. You probably don’t want to smell like roses or pine when playing hockey, so I guess “Fresh Scent” is an OK smell for your gear to have.

Price – ★★★★★
Two puck-shaped Sneaker Balls, measuring 1 ¾” in diameter, cost around $6. Considering that these have lasted two years, they are well worth that price.


Measuring only 1 ¾”, Sneaker Balls go the distance in mitigating the dreaded “hockey smell.” [Photo by Sal Barry]

Etc. – ★★★★★
Did I mention that they look like pucks? It kind of makes me happy that these are targeted toward hockey players. Also, when the scent finally fades, these Sneaker Balls could be used by kids for an impromptu game of tabletop hockey, as they slide well along smooth surfaces.

Overall – ★★★★★
Who would have thought that these two little deodorizers, at a mere $6, would still be doing their thing two years later? I might stink at hockey, but at least my gear won’t smell bad.

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