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How to be a Hockey Player

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Here is a hilarious video by Hockey Community that gives us a primer on how to be a hockey player. Everyone who is starting out should watch this video to better understand...

The Noob is 40

The Noob is 40

I played a hockey game last night. When I took to the ice, I was still 39. When I got off the ice, I was 40. It was a tough game, a 1-0 loss in overtime. But it was still a hell of a cool way to enter my fourth decade on this planet...

Five Problems with Playing Hockey Outside

Five Problems with Playing Hockey Outside

This season, I joined the Chicago Outdoor Hockey League (COHL), which started its games in December. The league, obviously, plays their games outside. My friends and I also rented an outdoor rink for a pickup game last month. Up until this point, all of my hockey playing has been indoors. Playing hockey outside makes sense to some degree (no pun intended), since Chicago winters get cold, which makes water freeze. But playing outside also has its own set of challenges that I am learning to deal with...


Free Skating Lessons & Public Skate at Millennium Park

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Those who live in and near Chicago can ice skate for free at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink at Millennium Park. The rink is located at 201 E. Randolph St. (map). Even better, you can get free ice skating lessons, too. This is a great opportunity if you are just starting to learn.  ...