A Whole Lotta Hockey

A Whole Lotta Hockey

I managed to outdo myself during the month of June. I was on the ice 19 out of 30 days. On some of those days, I was on the ice for two sessions in a row (such as back-to-back games), or in the morning and again at night. I also went to yoga class six times — meaning I got off my butt 25 out of 30 days.

You might think I’m crazy for being indoors so much, given that it is summer time. Really, though, summertime is THE best time for adults to play — or to start learning how to play — hockey. Yes, you might want to spend some of your summer nights, enjoying the gentle breeze off of Lake Michigan, or at some outdoor street fest, scarfing down overpriced brats and $6 beers. But right now, there are no pee-wee or high school hockey players to compete for with ice time. There’s opportunity to take a class or play in a league, with ice times at more manageable, working adult-friendly times in the evening.

During April and May, I was so busy that I had little time for hockey. I didn’t miss my weekly game in the Heartland League, but I did sometimes have to skip hockey class. So when June rolled around, I tried in earnest to be on the ice every day I possibly could. In all, I skated in nine league games, seven rat hockey games and six hockey classes. The increased number of rat games and adult hockey lessons are possible because the kiddies aren’t hogging up the ice time now.


One thing I like about being on the ice so much is that mistakes I make don’t linger; they are pretty much forgotten by the next day.  When I was taking one class a week at Franklin Park Ice Arena (review here), I had a whole seven days to dwell on all the things I did wrong. But when you are on the ice for an average of four or five times per week, you have ample opportunity to redeem yourself.


The other aspect that I like is that I feel better when I practice many times a week. When I studied martial arts, I was always better when I trained four or five times per week instead of just once. That’s more difficult to do with hockey, where ice time is expensive and harder to come by. At least right now, the ice time isn’t as hard to come by.

Plus, the beach is totally overrated.

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