Review: Sweat X Sport Xtreme Stain Remover ★★★★☆

Review: Sweat X Sport Xtreme Stain Remover ★★★★☆

How extreme is the Sweat X Xtreme Stain Remover? I decided to do a product test with the nastiest thing I could find: a hand-me-down chest protector from a donation bin at a local ice rink. Parents put gear their kids and teens outgrow into rummage bins for others to take for free. I snagged a child’s chest protector and shoulder pads set that an unknown number of little dudes had sweated into, and trust me, it was nasty.

To keep within the product line, I used the Sweat X Xtreme Stain Remover in conjunction with the Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent. That way, the effects would not be contributed to a different brand of detergent. No other cleaners or laundry boosters were used in this test. This is what the chest protector looked like to start with:

Before 01

Before 02

Following the instructions on the bottle, I rubbed the spray into the fabric. I let the gear sit for 10 minutes, then put it in a warm water wash and finally hung it up to air dry. I did drench the piece very heavily, using at least between 6 and 7 ounces of stain spray to get the whole surface area, both the interior and exterior, front and back. The interior had a tan color so the white exterior shows the improvement the best:

After 01

After 02

Effectiveness – ★★★★☆
The stain remover works better as a preventative than as a cure. Very old, set in stains can see a majority removal and improvement of the equipment but may not necessarily be eradicated. I was hoping the stains would be totally wiped out. Some yellowing remained although it was lighter in color. If you get second-hand gear, you can improve it with the spray but not necessarily make it look brand new.

Recent stains are much easier to wipe out. I used the spray on my regular clothing with good effects. It works well on blood, chocolate, gel pen ink and sweat stains. I would rank it as doing better than the household brand Shout. The big difference from Shout is being able to see the Sweat X stain remover working once it is applied. I had a line of gel pen ink on a white cotton shirt that totally disappeared on contact when I used the spray. When I sprayed the chest protector, I had it in the bathtub and saw runoff from the stains. I estimate the Sweat X is twice to three times more effective than Shout.

Scent – ★★★★★
Consistent with the whole product line, the stain spray carries the “Smell of Victory Scent” which is most like the children’s bubble bath, Mr. Bubble, or maybe even the bubbles blown with a plastic wand. It has very little perfume and the scent is barely noticeable once the item is dry.

Cost – ★★★★☆
The retail price for a 16 fluid ounce bottle is $9.99 USD. If you are using it on your equipment, expect to use 2 – 3 ounces of fluid at the cost of $0.63 per ounce. By contrast, Shout costs $2.99 for 30 fluid ounces.

Overall – ★★★★
If you care about keeping a grungy look off your equipment, this product would be good to use along with washing your gear. That level of care may be a factor if you anticipate your gear having another owner in the future. If you are using this product on second-hand gear, it can improve the look of the used gear make you feel it is cleaner by lessening and/or removing stains. The product label indicates the fluid is biodegradable. Specific ingredients are not listed. I have never had any fabric damage or skin irritation from using this product.

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