Review: No Sweat helmet liner sweat absorber ★★★★★

Review: No Sweat helmet liner sweat absorber ★★★★★

There was one thing that I was not prepared for when I started playing hockey: getting sweat in my eyes. I soon found that it was necessary for me to bring a towel to the bench. Between shifts, I had this whole routine where I would have to set down my stick, remove my gloves, open my facemask and wipe my eyes with a towel — or my jersey if I forgot my towel. Sometimes, when lining up for a face-off, I would tip my head sideways like a confused dog, hoping that the trickle of sweat running down my face would miss my eyes. After a while, I resigned myself to the fact that burning eyes was just another one of the many discomforts of playing hockey.

Then one day, a friend of mine told me about No Sweat (thanks, Moiz). It’s basically an absorbent sticker that you put inside of your helmet. This has made playing hockey so much better for me. My skating is still slow, but now my eyes don’t burn when I’m ambling after the puck.


Image provided by No Sweat, LLC.

Ease of Use – ★★★★★
No Sweat is adhesive on one side. All you do is peel off the backing and stick it inside your helmet when it is dry. How do you know when to replace it? Eventually, No Sweat will become so waterlogged with your own sweat (ewwww!) that it will just kind of fall out and can no longer stick to your helmet.

A No Sweat helmet liner is about the thickness of two business cards and is made of soft fabric. It is thinner than a sweatband. Some of my teammates wear bandanas. That may work for them, but I find that a bandana makes my head hotter, since the cloth traps the heat in on top of my head. That’s not an issue with No Sweat, as it just makes contact with your forehead.

This little piece of fabric has been a big help.

This little piece of fabric has made a big difference.

Sweat in my eyes is no longer an issue for me. The fabric liner captures the sweat, which in turn cuts down on moisture build-up on my facemask. I’ve never had to towel off my face during a game, as No Sweat keeps my face dry. During the winter months, when it is less humid in Chicago, it even helped prevent my glasses from fogging up. A single No Sweat helmet liner will last me around three to five uses, depending of course on how much I actually sweat in a given session on the ice (i.e. an intense game versus a laid-back hockey class).

Cost – ★★
no_sweat_packaging_2My one complaint about No Sweat is the cost. A three-pack costs $3.99. That’s not really bad — $1.33 each — but I really wish they were about a buck a piece. Then again, I wish hockey cards were still 50-cents a pack and video games were a quarter. But a three-pack lasts me a while, so $4 is a small price to pay for clear eyes, a dry face and a cool head.

No Sweat works just as advertised. You stick it in your helmet, and no longer have to deal with getting sweat in your eyes. Now when I head to the bench, I only have to worry about catching my breath.

You can buy No Sweat online at Total Hockey, Hockey Monkey and directly from the No Sweat manufacturer (which offers free shipping and no tax for customers in Illinois).

For more information about No Sweat, check out their website at

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