Review: Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent ★★★★★

Review: Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent ★★★★★

Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent is a high performance detergent that advertises for use on all fabrics and indicates itself as having superior performance on synthetic technical fabrics. It lives up to its own hype. Since ice hockey is a costly sport, companies tend to try and charge top dollar for consumables. You realized this every time you have overpaid for tape or skate laces. This is one product that performs so well, I’m thrilled with the price as much as the product. The packaging does not list any of the ingredients for the product. I have never had any fabric damage or skin irritation from using this product.

Effectiveness – ★★★★★
This product advertises itself as a stain remover and odor destroyer and it is amazing! I washed mine and my boyfriend’s shoulder pads, hockey pants, elbow pads and shin guard padding (it’s removable) and stuffed all of that in a side-loading “triple loader” at the laundromat with three ounces of detergent. I had been washing my gear using Tide with Color Safe Bleach Alternative prior to trying Sweat X Sport Detergent.

My boyfriend’s equipment was a worst-case scenario because it had never been washed prior to that day and was redolent with at least eight month’s worth of stains. The manufacturer compares Sweat X Sport to Tide Sport but I think it outperforms any Tide products. All stains and smells were washed out of every piece of equipment. White fabrics that were previously deeply stained came out perfect and even looked new.

In separate washes, our Bauer compression base layers with Kevlar collars came out much cleaner to the touch and all traces of sweat and underarm deodorant were removed. Sweat X Sport performs better with a lot of agitation, so it works a better using a washing machine than with hand washing. If you use it to hand wash anything, agitate the wash for several minutes. I did this for the exterior hard shell of the shin guards using detergents and some water in the bath tub, then rinsed the shin guards with running water.

The company advertises additional bacteria killing properties claiming removal of “nearly 99% of all bacteria that causes MRSA, STAPH, and acne”. Adam Short, VP of Sales at Renegade Brands, advised me that testing was completed through Cleveland State University and that the product has an endorsement from the Head of Adolescent Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic for Infectious Disease Control. David Chandler, Vice President of Apparel & Accessories of ASICS America endorses the product as “admirably” effective and environmentally sound.

A “worst case scenario” test was also performed when my aged dog bazooka barfed on a pet pillow. I cleaned up the worst of the mess and ran the stained pillow cover and pet bedding through a washing machine with the detergent. All stains and smells were removed. I wash the pet beds at least twice a month, and even with Tide, the fabrics will smell like Tide and dog even fresh out of the drier. If you have anything that smells like canine, use Sweat X Sport.

Scent – ★★★★★
There is a very mild scent to this product that smells like children’s bubble bath, specifically Mr. Bubble. I hang all wet equipment on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom to dry. When I had been using Tide, the whole bathroom reeked of Tide. The smell of Sweat X Sport is a third to a quarter of the strength of the Tide styles of perfumes. Once the gear airs out and dries, there is a very weak scent to no noticeable scent.

Cost – ★★★★★
The cost is very fair. A 45 ounce bottle retails for about $19.99 which comes out to $0.50 for a single ounce of detergent used per load. It may seem costly because the bottle is smaller than the larger jugs of grocery store detergent. Ignore the size of the bottle; the performance is in the chemistry and the concentration.

Etc. – ★☆☆☆☆
The bottle is annoying because I’m used to mainstream detergents that have a measuring cup for a cap. I resolved this by using a shot glass to measure out the detergent. Also, the flat cap does not allow for excess detergent to drain back into the bottle like the measuring cup caps. Some of the electric blue detergent was left to dry on a white shelf and it stained, even bleach has not taken the blue out. If you spill any of this on a cabinet, shelf or countertop, wipe it up right away and there is no problem.

Overall – ★★★★★
If you are uncertain to try a full size bottle, start by buying a single use pouch of the product. Per the prior article, I recommend to wash protective gear with heavy Velcro separate from softer items like jerseys, base layers and socks. Sweat X Sport Detergent can be purchased at pro shops or online at Renegade Brands.

Update 3/5/2014: Adam Short, VP of Sales at Renegade Brands, advised via email: “FYI, we are changing our bottle in just a few weeks. No Blue color and the cap acts as the measuring cup!”

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