Game 9: Not bad for a noob

Game 9: Not bad for a noob

After a two week break, my Toronto team returned to the ice to play against the Ottawa team. It was a “Battle of Alberta,” but held in the Chicago suburb of Franklin Park and watched by almost no one. A few of my friends came to heckle me cheer me on, though, which was awesome.

I remember seeing this Ottawa team play once at Franklin Park over the summer, while I was waiting for my adult hockey class to begin, and thinking that there was no way I’d be able to play in a league any time soon. Tonight seemed surreal, as I played against a team that I found intimidating only a few months back.

Also adding to the surreal feeling was the cloud of smoke that hung over the ice throughout the game. There was a “laser skate” before our game; basically, a public skate session with a live DJ, disco ball and smoke machine. The DJ took his crummy music and smoke machine with him, but left the smoke behind for us to skate through.

This was my seventh time at playing defense, and I did all right. I was a stellar plus three (+3), though I had absolutely nothing to do with any of the goals scored.

I also managed two shots on net from the point: one was through heavy traffic that hit a few skates before the goalie blocked it. The other was a high (but relatively slow) shot from the blue line that the goalie blocked with his chest. At least he had to work to stop that one.

Overall, not bad for a “hockey noob!”

Like our previous game, we won this game 3-2 as well, improving our record to 5-3-1.

Sal’s Stats: Game 9
Plus/Minus: +3
Shots on Goal: 2

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