Game 10: A last-minute win

Game 10: A last-minute win

There was a lot on the line for our tenth and final regular season game in Franklin Park’s Original Six recreational hockey league.

This game was against Detroit, a team we tied but could not beat in our second game of the season.

If we won this game, we would clinch second place. This would ensure that we would not have to play the sandbagging powerhouse Montreal team until the final round — assuming we went that far in the playoffs.

A loss would drop us down to either third or fourth place, depending on the outcome of games other teams were playing.

I took my usual spot on defense, paired with Mike — an older player who has shown me the ropes of playing D. I was not on the ice when any goals were scored by either side, making me a big fat zero in plus/minus. I did block a shot off of the top of my right hand, though. Almost a week later, and my hand still hurts.

This was not one of my best games. I had trouble keeping the puck in the offensive zone. I looked like a blue pylon as many of the speedy Detroit forwards zipped around me and charged our net.

I felt ineffective, lumbering, slow.

A far cry from the previous two games. But as Mike pointed out, no one scored against us when he and I were out on defense, so I guess I did OK.

Our opponents led pretty much the whole game, scoring first. We tied, but Detroit scored again for a 2-1 lead. With a minute left, we pulled our goalie for the extra attacker. My teammates swarmed the Detroit net, and their goalie froze the puck for a face-off.

“Hey, don’t we get a time out?” our goalie asked me.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Then, in unison, everyone on our bench frantically started yelling “Time out! Time out!” to the referees, who gave our team a much-needed 30-second break.

With 11 seconds left, one of our best players tied the score, forcing a shootout. Our team then won the shootout, giving us a final score of 3-2. This was our third game in a row where we won 3-2.

It was an exciting way to end the regular season. Now, onto the playoffs.

Sal’s Stats: Game 10
Plus/Minus: 0
Shots Blocked: 1


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