Game 2 in the 'Original 6' much better

Game 2 in the 'Original 6' much better

My second game in Franklin Park’s “Original Six” League was ten times better than my first game. I felt more confident, played all right and got a few shots on net. Unlike the first game, I actually had a chance to contribute to my team’s effort.

A big reason why the first game was such a disaster is that the team we played was way too good to be in our league. That’s not just my opinion either, but a quickly-growing consensus among other teams. (FYI, those guys have outscored the opposition 26-4 in three games!) Now I don’t feel too bad for playing like a deer caught in headlights in game one.

Another reason why I played better: we finally received our jerseys. It’s a small thing, but I finally feel like part of a team. It’s a nice feeling, and one I’m not quite used to yet. Plus, now I don’t have to keep track of who’s on what side. My lucky number is 44, but there was no jersey with that number. Going through the stack of jerseys, there were low numbers like 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and then some weird numbers like 47, 50 and 55.


I picked 55. It’s a fun number. A “double trouble” number if you remember the Pittsburgh Penguins and their late-1980s promotion of the same name. (Of course you don’t! I don’t either!) Also, Eric Daze wore 55 for the Chicago Blackhawks for ten seasons. That’s good enough for me.

Anyway, in our second game, we played a team called Detroit. We went up 2-0 in the first period, but the other team scored three unanswered goals. We managed to tie it in the third period. Then it went to a shootout.

After three shootout attempts by each team — with each side scoring a goal — it was still tied. And that’s how the game ended.

“You got a tie,” the referee announced. “Drive home safe.”

Wow. All that for a…tie. Well, I guess it still beat a loss.

I played left wing and was on the ice when our team scored the game’s first goal. I was also on the ice when the opposition scored their third goal, making me a “zero” in the plus/minus category. I also got three shots on goal — one rang off the post!

At the end of the third period, with our team holding on to a tie, I managed to get in the way and block a shot; it hit off my thigh, reinforcing the reason why we wear so much protective equipment.

Of course, I enjoyed this game much more than the first one.  Here’s looking to game three!

Sal’s Stats: Game 2
Shots: 3
Plus/Minus: 0
Blocked Shots: 1


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