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A Horrifying Message on Tinder; Or Maybe It Was a Compliment

“Hope it doesn’t completely horrify you.” My first instinct was that if you need to follow up a message with a sentence like that, it might be best not to send it in the first place. Then, I thought, maybe it was meant as a compliment, which some of my friends agreed with that idea.... Read more »

Let's Play A Game of Murderer or Socially Awkward

I’ve gone on dozens of dates with complete strangers. I rely on my journalism degree and hard-hitting investigative skills to decide whether I should venture out alone, usually via text and email.  I’ve never been on a first date with a guy who actually scared me.  A few have been a little wacky, but pretty... Read more »

Tinder Was The Best 40th Birthday Present

As if people weren’t already embarrassed about online dating, then Tinder came along.  And with it came the reputation of it being a hookup site, I assume because of the emphasis that is put on physical appearance when matching up with someone.  You have the option to write a short bio, but not everyone does.... Read more »