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Adding Tinder to My Dating Marketing Plan was the Missing Piece for Finding Love

Adding Tinder to My Dating Marketing Plan was the Missing Piece for Finding Love
It’s been exactly five years since I joined the dating app, Tinder. I resisted at first because it seemed like it was meant for people in their early 20s and 30s. I didn’t think there would be anyone on there in my age range looking for the same things as me. Someone who watched new... Read more »

Don't Delete Dating Apps, Learn How To Use Them

They said it couldn’t be done, but I met my fiancé on Tinder. “You’re too old for Tinder.” “People your age aren’t using apps.” “Dating apps are just for hookups.” Guess what? In real life, there are also people who are looking to just hook up. Apps are vehicle that delivers single people into the... Read more »

Why Guy Fieri Can Be the Best Wingman

Since I was a kid, on our family vacations we piled into a car and drove around the country stopping at random places along the way. Some of these stops were planned in advance, looking at travel books before the internet, while other detours came about because of a sign or billboard on the side... Read more »

Just Another Tinder Tuesday: Meeting Up With Out-of-Towners

“Hi there” That’s all this guy wrote when we matched on Tinder on Monday night, but it’s better than the guys who just sit in your queue and wait for you. It doesn’t give me much to go on, but I’m used to getting conversations started out of nothing as many say that I could “talk... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid of Who You Might Find on Tinder

Last week I had my all-time fastest Tinder relationship. From the time we matched on Tinder to the time I unmatched him after our date, the total time was 4.5 hours. I didn’t do my normal vetting process because he was already out at the bar with the Cubs’ game on, and he seemed harmless... Read more »

Speeding Up The Tinder Process Might Not Kill You

What? There are weird guys on Tinder? People ask me how I’ve managed to avoid meeting up with a bunch of weird guys on Tinder and it’s all about weeding them out when you’re messaging. You don’t have to spend weeks doing this if you ask questions that reveal if they are awkward, inappropriate, forward, sleezy,... Read more »

Guys Don't Actually Care What You Say To Get A Date

I’m a writer. Obviously. Texting is my jam. I try to be interesting, funny and engaging with every text. I don’t spend a ton of time on what I write, although I do proofread them before I hit send, but it’s fair to say that when I’m trying to get a guy’s attention, the text... Read more »

If Age Is A Deal Breaker, Maybe I Can Meet Someone At The Max

Age can be a deal breaker for me, especially when the guy is younger than me. Not because I’m like, ya know, supes mature, but because the conversation doesn’t really click. Things we like to do or talk about sync with our age, which really became apparent over the last few years when all of... Read more »

Survey Says, Tinder Makes Us Picky, And A Little Cranky Too

Not everyone loves Tinder. Some are scared. Some have been dissed. Some message for months and never meet up. But I love it. I joined almost a year ago on my 40th birthday and have been entertained ever since. Good or bad, Tinder gives you a chance to meet someone. It just depends on the... Read more »

If You Always Swipe Right You Might Just Meet Someone On Tinder

When a friend invited me to a fancy dinner with her successful, married friends, I wasn’t expecting to learn something new about Tinder. As the only two single people at the table, the conversation usually comes around to “why aren’t either of you married yet?”  It’s usually accompanied by a compliment because through our conversations... Read more »