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Five Dating Tips Learned From Watching Super Bowl Commercials

What if you walked into a crowded room, grabbed the mic and gave your best 30-second elevator speech? That short sales pitch that tells people who you are and why they need you you in their lives. You wouldn’t walk away with everyone’s attention, but you might peak the interest of some. That’s what companies... Read more »

Tell Your Story Like A Super Bowl Commercial

Thirty, sixty, ninety seconds. That’s all the time these companies used to have to run their Super Bowl commercials. Now they leak the spots early or do gimmicks on social media to extend the reach. They use humor or pull at the heart strings to get your attention. The commercials that tell the best stories... Read more »

Super Bowl Commercial Flight Loses The Dating Game

I accidentally started a tradition of watching the Super Bowl 30,000 feet in the air with 175 strangers. For the last three years, I’ve attended the Phoenix Open where I bask in the sun as long as possible on Sunday before taking an evening flight back to the chilly Midwest. Even when the Super Bowl... Read more »

Week 5: What's Your Free Dating Prize Inside?

A man with money or a guy in a band sometimes become more attractive when they talk about taking a trip on their private jet or pick up their guitar to play in front of a packed room.  Even when it’s an 80’s metal cover band, these women are throwing themselves at these guys dressed... Read more »