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Week 21: Despite The Red Bull, I'm Slowing Down The Breakups

I’m not a start-up company from ten years ago, so I should probably stop acting like one.  The trend was to get as big as you can as fast as you can, and then hope you don’t fall just as fast.  With Seth Godin’s idea of “Small is the New Big”, things started to slow... Read more »

Week 19: Weeding Out Match.Com Guys With Just One Answer

Usually, asking questions is how you get to know someone, but this year, the best way to decide whether or not I should go on a blind date has been happening with a simple answer. “I’m going to a bachelorette party.” What ensues after that has been running the gamut, but the responses have made... Read more »

Week 18: Think For Yourself And Always Think Big When Dating

I quit.  I can’t do it anymore.  In January, I created a plan to read one dating book every month this year as part of a 52-Week Dating Challenge.  After for months, reading these books is wasting my time.  That was kind of my point in reading them in the first place since I set... Read more »