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Seth Godin Reminds Us The Little Things Add Up To Landing Big Dates

Seth Godin is my man. In 2014, I declared that Seth Godin will marry me. Last year, I actually met Seth Godin randomly when I was walking home after a workout, and I was so excited that I could barely speak. I can always count on Seth Godin, especially with his blog because he posts... Read more »

Five New Year's Resolutions to Market Your Way to a Date

Every date starts with a little marketing. Selling yourself by what you wear to the bar, the photos you post to your dating profile, the first thing you say or the message that you send. This is all marketing. As you head into 2017, start using more marketing tips to get more dates. My favorite... Read more »

The Fear Of Rejection Can Prevent People From Moving Forward

A fair amount of my life has been influenced by the marketing guru, Seth Godin.  His quick hits of advice on his blog can completely change the direction of my day.  He reminds me that I can actually control what happens to me.  That I don’t have to wait for something.  From his post earlier... Read more »

The ROI on Buying A Guy A Beer During March Madness Is High

March Madness – by far my favorite time of the year!  Let’s take a look back  at a post from last year that is as true today as it was back then. FREE BEER gets dates.  It just does.  And March Madness makes it that much easier.  Guys have been doing this for years.  Buying... Read more »

A Year Of Seth Godin's Marketing Advice Prepared Me To Find The One

52 weeks.  Countless hours of flirting.  10 marketing books.  24 times I was asked out.  6 times I said yes. 1 second date. 1 third date.  0 boyfriends.  And 1 who got away.  That’s 2014 by the numbers after my one year dating challenge.  It started with a pledge to read one dating book by... Read more »

You Can Pick Your Seat, But Then You Might Feel Dumb and Dumber To

There are so many reasons why I love movie theaters that serve you food and drinks right at your seat … mostly because they serve you food and drinks right at your seat.  But also because some theaters let you pick your seats when you order online.  Now that may not seem like a big... Read more »

Created A Seat Upgrade Promo At The Country Concert To Meet A Guy

Usually when people have extra tickets to a concert, they put them up on StubHub to get some of their money back.  But I saw an opportunity to invest instead.  I’d already paid off the tickets.  I mean, it was on my credit card, so that’s like free money, right? Hmm. Anywaaaay, my friend and... Read more »

Halloween Is A Trade Show For Getting Dates

One of the reasons people get frustrated with dating is because it takes time.  For some of us, a lot of time.  It also has it’s ups and downs.  Seth Godin calls dating a “process”.  And that also takes work.  And patience.  And a thick skin.  It’s way easier to just go big and see... Read more »

Vodka Gummy Bears Bridged The Gap With The Packer Fans

Anytime you’re making a sale, you need to take the risk out of the decision.  When you’re asking people to part with their money, they need to know it’s worth it.  So that’s why Seth Godin suggests in “Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?” to create “a scenario where you don’t even need salespeople.”  I... Read more »

You Don't Need A Resume To Get A Dating Interview

“Have you landed a real mate outside the virtual world yet?” That’s what one of my readers asked after checking out an old post about why I quite eHarmony.  Going on lots of first dates made me feel comfortable talking to strangers.  I have my sales pitch down, but overall, it hasn’t actually matched me... Read more »