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Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile By Doing A Little Research

In my first-ever ChicagoNow post in June 2013, I wrote about two of my four Rs of Dating: Risk and Rejection. Those words have never been more true than after I downloaded the Tinder app. That site is all about rejection. Within seconds, they are swiping left to get to the next person. A cuter... Read more »

Crafting A Great Opening Line Doesn't Always Take A Lot Of Time

My older (by two years) friend told me that when you turn 40, everything changes with online dating because the cutoff date that most guys use is 39.  Your choices dramatically change.  So as I’m less than 40 days away from my 40th birthday, I jumped back on Match.com a few weeks ago to test... Read more »

If Generations Truly Defined Us This Gen Xer Might Get More Dates

Articles about the Millennials’ having trouble finding jobs.  They say technology contributes to some of these young not knowing what is socially acceptable, especially on job interviews.  Some wearing casual clothing, answering their phones and even bringing their moms on the interviews.  Seriously.  Not just dropping them off, but moms actually participating in the interview.... Read more »

Freezing Your Eggs Is Not A Good First Date Conversation

“Permission is like dating. You don’t start by asking for the sale at first impression. You earn the right, over time, bit by bit.” Seth Godin, 2008 Godin makes it even easier this month to see how the marketing advice he gives in “Permission Marketing” can be applied to dating.  You have to earn the... Read more »

Week 19: Weeding Out Match.Com Guys With Just One Answer

Usually, asking questions is how you get to know someone, but this year, the best way to decide whether or not I should go on a blind date has been happening with a simple answer. “I’m going to a bachelorette party.” What ensues after that has been running the gamut, but the responses have made... Read more »

Week 14: Make No Mistake, I'm Quitting eHarmony

You know that feeling when you lose something you’ve been working on for hours?  The one where your computer crashes and things that are important to you are now suddenly gone. Your heart just sinks.  Whenever you invest in something emotionally, making a mistake can affect you. I’ve been on eHarmony for almost ten months.... Read more »

I Should Probably Feel Guilty For Running Experiments On Men, But I Don't

I’m guilty of enjoying the dating experiments I run whenever I’m out.  Whether it’s at a bar or at the airport, just about every interaction I have with a stranger is because of the happy feeling I get when I can analyze a situation.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to those of you who read... Read more »

You Don't Look As Boring When You Smile

This week, my challenge is to become indispensable, specifically standing out among all of the Match.com profiles.  Whenever I write about online dating, I hear from people who share all their crazy stories that prompted them to stop using those sites.  They say they never meet anyone great online, but that’s not always the reason... Read more »

Week 3: Be Indispensable Not the Subject of a Group Text

“Make yourself unforgettable” is a comment my friend made on my blog post last week. He is a marketing pro like myself, so it got me thinking about my Week 3 Challenge – being indispensable. That’s what “Linchpin” is all about. Seth Godin tells us how important it is to make your employer realize that... Read more »

Dating Should Be A Lifestyle, Not Just A New Year's Resolution

Drinking a Diet Coke with a mound of fast food won’t help you with your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.  This is one of the most popular resolutions that people make when they take a look back at the last year.  They vow to make changes, but rarely do they stick to their plans. The... Read more »