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January Recap: Five Things I Learned About Dating From A Marketing Guru

The last month I’ve been making decisions based on two books.  As part of my 52-Week Challenge, I set out to prove that dating books provide the same advice as the dozens of marketing books I’ve read through the years.  Specifically, the marketing books written by my man, Seth Godin.  To help prove that dating... Read more »

Week 4: I Won't Win A Grammy Award, But I Can Write A Love Song Like Taylor Swift

There is no doubt that I have a horrible singing voice.  It’s so bad that I don’t even sing when I’m alone.  When we were in our Griswold-green station wagon on a family vacation while in junior high, I was lip syncing to the New Kids on the Block with my walkman and my brother... Read more »

Week 2: Believe In Something Remarkable

I went on 125 first dates in five years with very few of those leading to a second.  I kept an open mind and said yes to just about everyone.  Then, last year I took a break.  I was much more selective, and only went on a handful of first dates.  Instead I was able... Read more »