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Three Tips That Will Keep Your First Dates From Being Boring

More often than not, when my friends and clients give a recap of their first dates, the first thing they say as to why it was bad one is because the person was “boring”. They were self absorbed. They didn’t ask me any questions. They didn’t hold my attention. They, they, they. Whose fault is it when... Read more »

Proof That Hiking Can Be The Perfect First Date

I spend a lot of time writing (and talking) about how to set a goal, create a plan and tell a story to get a first date. I also talk about ROI (Return On Investment) when it comes to the time, money and energy you spend on dating. That’s when Duncan, the founder of Go... Read more »

How Many Cartwheels Are Too Many for a First Date?

One. It turns out that it’s just one. And it wasn’t even my date. Over the last ten days, it’s been raining men for one of my best friends who has gone on three first dates over that time, and was talking with a fourth guy. Two of these guys even got second dates, and... Read more »

You Can't Have a Summer Fling Sitting on the Couch

As we all watched our two friends hit it off instantly at the fantasy football draft, another friend asked why I haven’t introduce her to anyone. I paused, and then played back events from the last two months, which started with me reconnecting with a guy friend during a trip to Nashville in July. Of... Read more »

The Power of a Jets Jersey to Get a First Date

I’ve been chasing boys most of my life, and because of that, I’ve had some pretty amazing relationships, so I couldn’t disagree with this quote more, which I hear some variation of of it quite often.   Many of my friends and readers won’t initiate a conversation with someone in person, and some also refuse... Read more »

If You Don't Ask A Question, Don't Expect To Get A First Date

Part of my job consists of reminding organizations to build relationships with their customers, especially by pushing out content on social media that starts a conversation. I make sure they aren’t talking at the consumer, but instead talking with them. This same advice applies to starting a conversation with someone you match with online or... Read more »

Speeding Up The Tinder Process Might Not Kill You

What? There are weird guys on Tinder? People ask me how I’ve managed to avoid meeting up with a bunch of weird guys on Tinder and it’s all about weeding them out when you’re messaging. You don’t have to spend weeks doing this if you ask questions that reveal if they are awkward, inappropriate, forward, sleezy,... Read more »

Week 18: Think For Yourself And Always Think Big When Dating

I quit.  I can’t do it anymore.  In January, I created a plan to read one dating book every month this year as part of a 52-Week Dating Challenge.  After for months, reading these books is wasting my time.  That was kind of my point in reading them in the first place since I set... Read more »

Get Sloppy On A First Date For A Chance At A Second One

When I went on a first date years ago, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich.  I was hungry.  It sounded good.  It ended up being a huge portion and an equally large mess.  I could tell by the smirk on my date’s face that he was surprised by my order.  From the moment the barbecue... Read more »