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Facebook Is Your Dating Resume

Facebook is my scrapbook so I document the interesting things in my life, and by interesting, I mean interesting to me. Although I got quite a few likes when my cousin turned me from a brunette to a bronde a few weeks ago. But Facebook is also your dating resume, especially if you don’t lock... Read more »

When Friends Fail Create Your Own Speed Dating Event

I’ve decided to quit eHarmony and so now I’m relying on my friends to me up with someone.  The problem?  They don’t have any single friends.  How is that possible?  Well, I guess it’s actually that they don’t have any single friends who are “good enough” for me.  They run through all of their friends,... Read more »

Using Facebook To Get Dates

Last week, I read an article on Mashable about parents who share too much on Facebook, including stories about potty training and items stuck in their kids’ noses.  Most of my single friends hide posts from their friends with kids because of posts like that.  I just skim over them, but that’s okay because I’m... Read more »