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Even More Dating Tips I Learned From Watching Jimmy Fallon

The countdown to my 40th birthday has me reflecting on past first dates while preparing me for the ones I plan to have on my actual birthday.  I’ve been sharing my 40 Fallon Dating Tips with 10 tips posted every Monday featuring The Preshow Prep and The Monologue.  This week I’m focusing on The Interviews... Read more »

Dating Tips I Learned From Watching Jimmy Fallon

What would Jimmy Fallon do if he was a single woman turning 40 in 30 days?  Ew! As I count down to my 40th birthday, I’m sharing 40 Fallon Dating Tips, with 10 tips posted every Monday.  On my birthday, I’ll put all of these tips in action for a “season” finale that will also... Read more »

Blind Daters Gotta Hug, And Other Things I Learned From Tommy Boy

Last night, my blind date was canceled.  And when I got the text, I was relieved.  I had a few things I needed to get done.  I thought, “Awesome, I got my night back.”  What I should’ve been thinking was, “Crap, what if I missed out on meeting my next boyfriend?” Even for someone like... Read more »

Using Facebook To Get Dates

Last week, I read an article on Mashable about parents who share too much on Facebook, including stories about potty training and items stuck in their kids’ noses.  Most of my single friends hide posts from their friends with kids because of posts like that.  I just skim over them, but that’s okay because I’m... Read more »

Get In Dating Game By Going Out For Chicago Blackhawks Game

I hate baseball and beer. And yet Opening Day is one of my favorite days. Despite living in Oklahoma for three years, I’ve been to the last 4-out-of-5 home openers for the Chicago Cubs. I’ve actually only missed one in the last decade, but the last five years I’ve been single, and Opening Day is... Read more »