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Sometimes Dating Tricks Actually Show The Real Me

To make a sale, you need to have the right target market.  You need to put yourself in places where you will have the best chance at success.  For me, that means the bars on NFL Sundays, tailgates on College Football Saturdays, Cubs Opening Day, etc.  Sporting events are where I fit in, as well... Read more »

Losing My Valentine To Cancer Taught Me Five Lessons About Finding Love

This week’s challenge is to get rid of the “perfect man checklist” so I don’t let a great guy pass me by.  People tell me I’m too old to be this picky.  Some even ask me if I’m afraid to die alone.  I used to laugh because they didn’t understand that just because you’re not... Read more »

January Recap: Five Things I Learned About Dating From A Marketing Guru

The last month I’ve been making decisions based on two books.  As part of my 52-Week Challenge, I set out to prove that dating books provide the same advice as the dozens of marketing books I’ve read through the years.  Specifically, the marketing books written by my man, Seth Godin.  To help prove that dating... Read more »