Be Calculated - Hit New Year's Resolutions with the Right Plan

In 2016, I challenged myself to go on at least one date a month. I thought that seemed pretty easy, especially since I started using dating apps halfway through the year. But I put forth a lot of effort to meet guys that would eventually turn into a date. I hit my goal of 12... Read more »

Don't Be Mediocre Just Because Others Are

Over the last week, I’ve been counseling people personally and professionally about staying true to themselves. They are letting people who take shortcuts, are less qualified and/or don’t care about the company doubt their passion for who they are and what they want out of life. It’s uncomfortable to be the only one who zigs... Read more »

Stay True To Yourself Even When Others Can't Do The Same

I love Eric Church. My phone apparently knows that too because his Instagram account popped up as a suggested person to follow. I clicked it and then Chris Young and Cole Swindell popped up. I clicked them both and then set my phone down. Within minutes, I realized that Chris and Cole weren’t their verified... Read more »

You Gotta Play To Win In Life, Love And The Lottery

“When I win, I’m going to quit my job and buy an island!” “Did you buy a lottery ticket?” “No.” It’s pretty simple … you need to enter in order to win, but in life, there are usually things that hold us back. You have to make the effort and the investment to buy a... Read more »

Debate: Is It Every OK To AirDrop A Stranger?

Over the weekend, my friends and I took a ton of pictures. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so everything seemed photo-worthy. As we were air dropping the photos to each other’s phones, one of my girl friends said, “some dude tried to airdrop a photo to me on the EL last week.”... Read more »

What If You Lived Your Life Like George Costanza?

12:04 pm – Hey 1:15 pm – Hello? 4:32 pm – Screw you! It’s mind blowing how many times I’ve seen this happen on dating apps. The guy gets mad because you didn’t write him back fast enough even though he didn’t really make it very compelling in the first place. Keep in mind that... Read more »

What You Say Isn't Always What They Hear

Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon surrounded by people playing games, grabbing drinks and catching up with friends. And it’s a bonus to make new ones, like we tried to do over the weekend. One guy made his way into our group as a friend of a friend, so in an effort to bring everyone together,... Read more »

NFL Tailgates Are Like Tinder In Real Life

I love football weekends! Being outside watching the games during a beautiful day with friends is my happy place, and it doesn’t even matter what city I’m in. While I love the Chicago Bears, and still wear my Fridge jersey from grade school, I had the most amazing time at my first Kansas City Chiefs... Read more »

Having A First Date Plan (Usually) Means Having A Good First Date

A friend asked me last week for advice as she was getting ready for her first bumble date. I told her that it’s the same as any other date … be prepared to tell your story. In my free “I Need A Minute” guide, I focus on the personal SWOT analysis where I teach people how... Read more »

Moments Matter: Even The Smallest Decision Can Have A Big Impact

The defining moments in your life might not seem monumental at the time, but the decisions you make in an instant can shape who you become. When I was on the Moments Matter podcast this morning with Dave Sanderson, I realized that the most pivotal moment that set me on my path was when my... Read more »