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Adding Tinder to My Dating Marketing Plan was the Missing Piece for Finding Love

Adding Tinder to My Dating Marketing Plan was the Missing Piece for Finding Love
It’s been exactly five years since I joined the dating app, Tinder. I resisted at first because it seemed like it was meant for people in their early 20s and 30s. I didn’t think there would be anyone on there in my age range looking for the same things as me. Someone who watched new... Read more »

If You Hate Dating Apps, You’re Doing It Wrong

I’m deleting Tinder. Again! I’m still surprised at how much I hear people say that dating apps “suck”. I know I’m biased because I met my boyfriend on Tinder three years ago, but these online platforms and apps are just the avenue to meet someone. The way you are treated by the people using them... Read more »

Think Like Entrepreneurs to Get a Date

Imagine if you surrounded yourself with positive people who constantly encourage you to go after your dreams. Affirming every day that you can most certainly do it regardless of what “it” may be. That nothing is too crazy or farfetched to achieve it. And the reason they believe in you is because they have found their own... Read more »

Never Date A Guy Who Uses the Heart Eyes Emoji

Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I didn’t think much of it when the guy I was dating would end a text with the heart eyes emoji. It didn’t strike me as cute, but it also didn’t bother me. I was completely indifferent. Last week, I was filling in one of my guy... Read more »

Facebook Is Your Dating Resume

Facebook is my scrapbook so I document the interesting things in my life, and by interesting, I mean interesting to me. Although I got quite a few likes when my cousin turned me from a brunette to a bronde a few weeks ago. But Facebook is also your dating resume, especially if you don’t lock... Read more »

Don't Feel Sorry For Me Or the Cubs Because We Don't Have Rings, Yet

As the holidays are approaching, I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite posts that I’ve written since I started blogging three years ago. What makes it so special is that it was a collaboration with three of my single friends. It was an open holiday letter to single ladies that was meant to inspire women... Read more »

Being Beautiful On The Inside Is Nice, But The Outside Gets You Free Drinks

Last weekend, I introduced my friends to one of my beautiful friends. Not pretty. Beautiful. When she walked away, one girl said, “she looks familiar, she looks like someone”.  A few of us responded in unison, “She looks like Faith Hill”.  Beautiful. A few days earlier, I read an article that said beautiful people get... Read more »

Week 23: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Weirdo

We’ve established that “We Are All Weird”.  And that people think I’m weird to be this old and not married.  Some even think it’s weird that I’ve never “even been divorced”, so I try not to judge people who are different from me.  But then I stayed at a five-star hotel in Dallas on Saturday... Read more »

Mr. Belding Is The Perfect Wingman

While my friends and I were at O’Hare waiting for our flight, we started talking about an article that said what you put on your phone lock screen is the most important thing in your life.  As we checked our screens, one girl had a photo of the Chicago skyline she took when she was... Read more »