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Sometimes You Need To Pivot During March Madness

I’m still trying to wrap my head around March Madness being cancelled. I used to work at the NCAA. I was part of the staff that put on the Women’s Basketball Tournament up until 2018, and yet it’s still mind blowing. And sad. My heart is broken for the student-athletes whose playing careers ended so... Read more »

Proof That Hiking Can Be The Perfect First Date

I spend a lot of time writing (and talking) about how to set a goal, create a plan and tell a story to get a first date. I also talk about ROI (Return On Investment) when it comes to the time, money and energy you spend on dating. That’s when Duncan, the founder of Go... Read more »

Debate: Is It Every OK To AirDrop A Stranger?

Over the weekend, my friends and I took a ton of pictures. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so everything seemed photo-worthy. As we were air dropping the photos to each other’s phones, one of my girl friends said, “some dude tried to airdrop a photo to me on the EL last week.”... Read more »

Celebrate Your Birthday At the Chicago Cubs Game to Get a Date

America’s birthday is always a fun day to get out and meet people who are taking a moment to celebrate all that we have and all that is possible. You can make your birthday special too. In addition to all of the free things you could acquire popping around to chain restaurants … free Grand Slam at... Read more »

Chicago's Top 10 4th of July Events For Singles

Fireworks. Blech. Not a fan. But they bring people together, especially for the 4th of July holiday, so sometimes I get on board to watch them. I mean, if it could end in me getting a date, I would usually do it.  Other times, I don’t want to be anywhere near them. We all have... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid to Talk to Strangers Even If They Aren't Listening

Go where the people are. It’s as simple as that when putting your plan together on your way to getting a date. To meet a guy, sporting events have always been my go-to because the competition was always less at male-dominated event. Plus, I love sports, and definitely wanted to meet someone who likes them because... Read more »

Be Repulsive So You Can Attract Your Ideal Dating Avatar

Every week we watch The Bachelorette, and every week we are repulsed by someone on the show, this season it’s Jordan, the Male Model. Every time he opens his mouth, we cringe. The guys on the show aren’t shy about sharing their feelings about his ridiculousness. But while most of America is all rolling their eyes,... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid of Who You Might Find on Tinder

Last week I had my all-time fastest Tinder relationship. From the time we matched on Tinder to the time I unmatched him after our date, the total time was 4.5 hours. I didn’t do my normal vetting process because he was already out at the bar with the Cubs’ game on, and he seemed harmless... Read more »

Chicago Bears Games Are Like Tinder Except Everyone's Wearing a Jersey

An NFL Sunday is like Tinder in real life. So many dudes passing by that you only have a split second to decide whether or not you want to accept their high five. Fall Sundays are not a day of rest in the dating world because this mass marketing opportunity means you have to talk... Read more »

If Age Is A Deal Breaker, Maybe I Can Meet Someone At The Max

Age can be a deal breaker for me, especially when the guy is younger than me. Not because I’m like, ya know, supes mature, but because the conversation doesn’t really click. Things we like to do or talk about sync with our age, which really became apparent over the last few years when all of... Read more »