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Christmas Movie Characters Sum Up My 12 Dates in 2016

I talk to dozens and dozens of dudes every year, so whenever someone asks me why I’m still single, I take this time to sum up all of my dating adventures over the last 365 days. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun! This year, I saw my friend’s blog... Read more »

Jimmy Fallon's Worst First Dates Are Better Than No Dates At All

At least you had a date. It doesn’t matter if it’s awesome or a disaster, going on a date is a good thing. When I saw Jimmy Fallon’s #WorstFirstDates I hoped people wouldn’t be discouraged by a bad experience or two. It’s good to laugh at the situation, but we don’t need to laugh at... Read more »

New Year's Resolutions That Will Make Dating Even More Fun

I wrapped up 2015 with an open holiday letter to all the single ladies that I wrote with three of my friends who had similar stories to share last year. We all celebrated milestone birthdays alone, and loved it. While we made other people feel uncomfortable when we told them, “Today is my birthday” when sitting... Read more »

An Open Holiday Letter To All The Single Ladies

Open Holiday Letter To Single Ladies: Avoiding eye contact. Palms sweating. Stumbling over words. This isn’t someone who is nervous before a presentation or scared as they wait for a blind date. It’s just my life. When I ask for a table for one.  When I purchase one movie ticket.  Or enter an arena by... Read more »

Do You Believe in Dating Ghosts or Do You Want to See the Truth?

“Have you ever been ghosted?” my friend asked with a smile. “You know, when a guy just disappears without an explanation … never to be heard from again.” And then we laughed. We weren’t in love with these guys. We weren’t sure if we even liked them. Sometimes it was only a few texts before... Read more »

The Fear Of Rejection Can Prevent People From Moving Forward

A fair amount of my life has been influenced by the marketing guru, Seth Godin.  His quick hits of advice on his blog can completely change the direction of my day.  He reminds me that I can actually control what happens to me.  That I don’t have to wait for something.  From his post earlier... Read more »

Love Lessons From A Teenage Girl

I don’t remember the moment when boys went from having cooties to being cuties, but my best friend in grade school and I talked about boys all the time.  It was the same boys over and over because we lived in a tiny town, but we were able to talk for hours about basically nothing.... Read more »

If Dudes Weren't So Weird I Wouldn't Be So Picky With My Dates

I go on a fair amount of first dates.  125 over the span of five years.  Five in just the last 40 days.  So I’m not the girl who is single because she isn’t trying.   By the end of each date it usually ends with the guy saying some combination of why are you... Read more »

Dating Could Be A Sport, So Join A Fantasy League

Two weeks ago, I was a guest on the Fantasy Dating radio show because we have some of the same philosophies when it comes to dating. Be positive. Put yourself out there. Have fun.  Of course, being a huge sports fan, I also love anything that has to do with fantasy games.  To use that... Read more »

Seven Christmases Makes Me Jolly That I'm Still Single

Tis the season, apparently, to feel sorry for yourself about being single.  It started last month with an eCard that started making its way around social media the week of Thanksgiving.   I laughed when I saw it.  Like, really laughed.  That’s pretty funny.  But most of the comments I saw on the posts were... Read more »