Adding Tinder to My Dating Marketing Plan was the Missing Piece for Finding Love

Adding Tinder to My Dating Marketing Plan was the Missing Piece for Finding Love

It’s been exactly five years since I joined the dating app, Tinder. I resisted at first because it seemed like it was meant for people in their early 20s and 30s. I didn’t think there would be anyone on there in my age range looking for the same things as me. Someone who watched new episodes of Friends and Seinfeld every Thursday night on NBC, and not as reruns on cable channels.

I finally decided that it wasn’t going to hurt to join Tinder. It was just going to help me diversify the avenues I use to meet someone. The more avenues you have, the better the odds are that you will meet someone. So I set up my profile by adding the best photos that showed a day in my life.

It was my 39th birthday.

I decided to give myself a year on Tinder. I was going to put in the effort everyday so that if the platform didn’t work, it wasn’t because I didn’t try. I checked my message every morning and responded to them every night. I set a goal, some tactics and worked the plan. It was like having a part-time job. It really did take some work.

Some people thought it sounded desperate to put that much effort into finding a date, but if you really care about something you’ll be more likely to succeed at it. I managed expectations throughout the process, which allowed me to stay positive despite the craziness of dating … not just online dating. Dating in general.

I worked hard to get one date a month for that year. I broke down those dates in a past blog. My future husband was actually one of the those dates. In fact, he was the date I went on three days before the one year deadline.

One of the hardest parts of dating is the failure that comes along with it, but those are the moments you learn the most, so it’s worth the time to be learning and growing through it all. You figure out what you’re really looking for and improve how you present yourself so people get to know the real you on a first date. When become a master at marketing yourself, it leaves more time to actually have fun on the date. Regardless of whether or not you click with the other person, you can enjoy the time together instead of counting the minutes until it’s over.

Date Hack: Go to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or do an activity that you love or one that pushes you out of your comfort zone. This isn’t just a date, it’s an experience!

If you go into each date with this mindset, it makes it easier to keep swiping! Or talking to strangers. Or asking friends to set you up. However you are making an effort to meet people, your mindset is everything. Put that diverse plan together with as many avenues as possible and you might just catch the eye of the person you were meant to be with. This is one of the photos that I used in my first Tinder profile to show that sports are my life … and if you want to come along for the ride, it’s usually a pretty fun experience!

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