Virtual Dates Are Real And Can Be Just As Fun

“I love virtual dates!”

That’s what most of my clients are saying. Really. Of course, going into the dates they were worried about not being able to get the software to work. That they would be saying, “can you hear me? now can you hear me? hello?” and looking silly while doing it.

Then, once they got it working, they were worried about how they would look on camera, so we tested out the best angles, the lighting and added a filter.

Don’t forget about the best backdrop because they know that everybody is judging their furniture, artwork, paint color, etc. One quick fix is using a Zoom background so they won’t see any part of your home.

Up next is worrying about how the conversation will flow because they think computers make it awkward. Computers don’t make things awkward. People make things awkward. Come prepared like you normally would for a date. Have your best stories ready. Have your best questions handy. Show your personality through your storytelling.

Ohhhhh, so virtual dates are are real. I know the word “virtual” makes some think that it’s not real, but trust me, it is. So what do they love about virtual dating?!

  1. I feel more relaxed being in my own home.
  2. I don’t have to fight traffic, find parking, risk being late … all of the things that can have me showing up for a date frazzled.
  3. There isn’t an awkward moment when the bill comes and we wonder who is going to pick up the check.
  4. I’m not as quick to judge them by what they are wearing, how tall they are or any of those other things that can sometimes keep me from giving them a fair shot. I wrote a guy off in person once because he was wearing tennis shoes on our lunch date … it was over before it even started in my mind. He didn’t even know that he needed to dig himself out of that hole.
  5. I’m not worried that he might try to kiss me goodbye.

These things and so many more! I would love to hear what you have found as a positive to virtual dating during COVID and beyond … besides only dressing up from the waist up! Comment below or tag me on socials.

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