If You Hate Dating Apps, You’re Doing It Wrong

I’m deleting Tinder. Again!

I’m still surprised at how much I hear people say that dating apps “suck”. I know I’m biased because I met my boyfriend on Tinder three years ago, but these online platforms and apps are just the avenue to meet someone. The way you are treated by the people using them isn’t much different from how they would treat you if you met them in a bar. It’s the people that suck, not the platform.

If you bite into a rotten apple, should you blame the grocery store? No! You’re the one who picked the apple from the dozens in the pile. The store gives you the options, and it’s up to you to figure out what’s good. Going to the store is way easier than going out to an apple orchard and picking your own! Plus, you can still pick a bad apple at the orchard.

If we didn’t have the apps hand delivering single people right to us, we would have to go out and find them ourselves. And that is so much harder. I mean, you have to get ready, convince friends to go with you, pick a spot you think people will be, figure out if they are single just by scanning the room, and then the hardest thing, you have to walk up to them to start a conversation. Holy cow! That’s a lot of work.

OR you can get in your pajamas, grab a glass of wine, open an app, swipe on people who catch your eye and start chatting with them. If they “suck”, stop talking to them. Move on to the next. Don’t give up on the apps. Give up on the people on the other end.

If you have your story together and know how to tell it, you will attract the people who you are likely to connect with more genuinely. If everyone was prepared like that, dating would be much easier. But they aren’t, so you be your best self as you weed your way through the bad apples. Get excited that we have platforms that give us more options! If you need to take a break, great. But don’t throw away opportunities to meet someone amazing.


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